Media Release – Public Procurement Commission collaborates with INPRI Jamaica Ltd to provide virtual training

Media Release

Public Procurement Commission collaborates with INPRI Jamaica Ltd. to provide virtual training.

August 4,2020

The Public Procurement Commission contracted INPRI Jamaica Ltd to deliver a three (3) day virtual instructor-led training for staff of the Operations Department of the Commission and senior procurement staff of selected Ministries (Procuring Entities). The programme was conducted over the period June 29, 2020 to July 1, 2020 via the Zoom Virtual Meeting Platform.

Participants were provided with training materials, including an e-copy of supporting text, and were exposed to training content in the areas of public management, performance auditing, performance risk, data collection and data analyses. The content enabled the participants to enhance their knowledge of the various methodologies used to conduct assessments of procurement systems and draw appropriate conclusions with regard to compliance and performance levels.

The training was conducted by Mr. Reginald Cornwall, an experienced lecturer in procurement, who facilitated meaningful interaction and active participation during the sessions utilizing high quality videos and interactive case studies

The Public Procurement Commission provided the participants with the relevant equipment and dedicated training areas, in an effort to efficiently manage the training environment and adhere to required health and safety measures.

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